Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Tuesday – February 12th
Focus: MetCon

Coaches’ Notes, Not for Website/Board
- Weather permitting, athlete’s must run once and row once. If weather prevents running, row once and do 200 Dubs/300 Singles
- KB Practice – focus on proper hip hinge, hand placement, pulling the kettlebell down from the top position

For Website/Board

Warm Up:
60 secs Row
15 Jumping Jacks
30 sec Spiderman Stretch
10 Push Up to Downward Dog
5 reps each TVWQB
10 Walking Lunges/leg


For time
1000m Row/800m Run
100 Russian KBS
1000m Row/800m Run

Post WOD:
Couch Stretch
Elevated Pigeon Stretch
Banded Rig Shoulder Stretches