Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Warm Up:
500m Row (moderate pace)
Walking Spiderman Stretch - Whiteboard to Rig, Jog Back
Walking Leg Swings/Toy Soldiers - Whiteboard to Rig, Jog Back
Side Shuffle Whiteboard to Rig, Side Shuffle Back
5 Push Ups to Downward Dog
10 Light KB SDHP
10 Empty BB Romanian Deadlifts

SOD (20 mins)

5x5 Deadlifts - Start at 50% of 1RM and go up 5-10% each set, finshing at 80%
(Fitness: 3x10 DB Deadlifts)
5x8 SA DB Bench Press (wt: athlete's choice)

Coaches Note: If athlete does not know 1RM, use the time to establish 1RM


12 min clock
Buy-in: 1000m Row
Remaining Time AMRAP of
10 BB SDHP (95/65) (Fitness: KB SDHP)
10 BB FR Kneel-to-Stand (5 per leg) (95/65) (Fitness: DB Lunges)
( - use barbell instead of kettlebell)