Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Warm Up:

400m Run

100 Single Unders

10 Inch Worms w/ Push Up

Tip Overs (Rig to Board)

10 American KBS (Light KB)

Toy Soldiers (Board to Rig)

30 sec Handstand Hold

10 Empty BB Romanian Deadlifts

10 Empty BB Bench Press


A) 12 Min AMRAP

2000m Row

Max Deadlifts in Remaining Time (185/135)

(Fitness: DB Deadlifts)

- 3 mins Rest -

B) 10 min AMRAP

800m Run

Max Bench Press in Remaining Time (135/95)

- 3 mins Rest -

C) 6 min AMRAP

100 Dubs/200 Singles


(Fitness/Mod: Wall Walk Ups)