Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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Warm Up

400m Run

Walking Lunges (Rig to Board)

10 PVC Passthrough


10 PVC Good Mornings

30 sec PVC Chicken Stretch

Bear Crawl (Board to Rig)

10 Hanging Shrugs

30 sec Calf Stretch

30 sec Handstand Hold

SOD (18 mins)

5x3^ Pausing Front Squats

(3 second pause at bottom)

3x10 Tubing Swimmers (

3x10 Tubing Band Pull Aparts



20 min AMRAP

5 HSPU (Mod: Seated straight leg DB shoulder press – seated on floor)

10 Pistols (Mod: Single Leg Box Squats - 5/leg)

15 Pull Ups (Mod: Banded Pull Ups)