All About Intro to CrossFit Program

Our Intro Program at CFIS is designed to take newly introduced clients to the life changing program of CrossFit. These small group sessions are designed to give instruction on movements and to build a strong foundation of mechanics. Each class is led by a coach and is an hour in duration.

The sessions range from 1-2 for new members with 6 months or more experience or 4-5 sessions for clients with no experience. All sessions are mandatory. The rates for each tier are completed within one month. The small group sessions and the remainder of the month with unlimited classes are included in the cost. 


No experience to CrossFit: $230 for 5 sessions

Six months or more: $199 for 1-2 sessions

What happens after the month?

At this point you can choose which membership you would like to go into. See our Membership Rates