Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Lactate Threshold

WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec row, 10 leg swings/leg, 10 PVC pass thru, 20 sec thumb down lat str, 20 sec Spiderman, pigeon & down dog


20min to complete

3-4 sets of:

5-8^ Pendlay rows

5^/leg Weighted forward lunge walks (DB, KB or BB)


Every 3min for 15min (5 Rounds)

10 T2B

20 Alternating DB Snatches (10/arm) (50/35)

Max Dubs

*There is no prescribed rest between the E3M’s

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Metabolic Conditioning

WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec row, 10 leg swing/leg, 5 push-up to down dog, 10 wall squats to butt ball, 5 WB


In 15 min complete 3-4 sets of:

5-8 Half kneeling SA DB shoulder press (

8-10 Single arm DB bent over back row (


21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9:

WB (20/14 – 10/9) (50+ 14/10 – 10/9)

Pull-ups (Mod: Bands or Ring rows)

Cal Row (Women: 3 cals less than men & 50+ 3 cals less)

*200m Run after every round (Mod: 400m row or 600m Bike)

Monday, October 21, 2019


Phosphogenic (OR 20.2 Make-up)

WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec row, 10 pass thru, 10 good mornings, 5 TVWQB, BB front rack str, 10 BB front squats, 10 BB clean high pulls (, 10 BB power clean and jerks


25min to complete:

5 x 5^ Front squats


5 x 10/arm – Tire/Sledge hammer hits (in back hallway)


For time (9min Cap)

Partner Double Grace: 60 C&J (135/95) (50+ 95/65) (Fitness: DB’s)

Minimum 3 reps and Maximum 5 reps per turn AND touch and go reps only – NO Singles

*If there needs to be a team of 3, two athletes will work at the same time, and resting team member starts when 2nd athlete finishes their reps.

Friday, October 18, 2019


Salem CFIS/B&S Members - due to the power outage we will have to cancel the Salem location 5:00 AM and 630 AM CrossFit classes and the Salem 6:00 AM Boot Camp.

MHD CF at 6:00 AM

Our Salem 9am Boot Camp and 830am CF class will be outdoors if needed (but prob not able to do 20.2). Keep in mind there will be NO lights in the bathrooms so bring a headlamp, flashlight or use your phone but don’t drop it in the toilet! Lol

We will keep you posted if anything changes. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are so happy to have the great outdoors and the MHD location as an option for you all to get your workouts in.

Crossfit Open 20.2 Workout

WOD Review and Warm-up: 60 sec row, 10 leg swings/leg, 5 push-up to down dog, 10 hanging shrugs, wall calf str, 10 pausing air squats, 5 DB front squats, 5 DB thrusters

WOD prep:

6 minutes to prep and complete:

3 rounds of:

2 DB Thrusters (WOD weight)

3 T2B

12 Jump rope


20 min AMRAP

4 DB Thrusters (50's/35's) (SC & 55+ RX 35/20) (55+ Sc: 20/15)

6 T2B (Sc: knee raises) (55+ Sc: Abmat sit-ups)

24 Dubs (All Sc: 24 singles)

Keys to success:
Pacing - we are use to 20 min workouts, but for those who struggle with going out too strong/pacing, keep yourself in check and find someone who can pace well and stay with them, at least for the first 5 min.

Transitions: Easy to lose a lot of time wandering around. Keep your workout area small and avoid walking around too much.

Breaking up reps: The DB thrusters should be unbroken, T2B go unbroken if you can or ideally no less than 2 sets (especially if you are good with dubs). If you struggle with your lungs on dubs, you can do smaller sets on the T2B to give your lungs a bit of a break before you get to dubs. Dubs if possible go unbroken staying as relaxed as you can - shoulder, grip, arms. For those doing singles, the T2B will most likely be the hardest part of the workout and the singles for many will be the rest.

Good luck and have a blast.

Post WOD: Stretch and Celebrate

Thursday, October 17, 2019



WOD Review then warm up all together: 200m jog, 10 leg swings/leg, 20 sec Spiderman and pigeon str, 5 push-ups to down dog, front rack str, 5 front squats, 5 BB jerks


In 20 minutes complete at least

5^ sets of 3 Front Squats into 1 Jerk


2-3x of 30 sec/arm Banded barbell front rack stretch (


15 min AMRAP:

10 Goblet Squats (53/35) (50+ 35/25)

10 Ring Dips (Mod: No Bands today: Box dips or push-ups)

10 Hang cleans (115/75) (50+ 80/55)

10 V-ups