Thursday June 30, 2016

(Competition / Phosphogenic 1-10 sec bursts)

Warm-up (15 min)


5x: 1 Power Snatch > 1 Hang Power Snatch > 1 Squat Snatch (ideally without dropping the bar) (work up to 75-80+% of weakest 1RM) AND 3 x 10 DB Bicep Curls (20 min)


Every Minute for 12 minutes:

Min 1: 11 Thrusters (105/75)

Min 2: 8-20 Pull-ups (RX) 2-10 muscle-ups (RX+)

Min 3: Rest

* Score is number of pull-ups completed.

Tomorrow will be Tim Harrison's last day with us at CFIS. Tim will be departing to Tamworth, England to pursue an amazing opportunity as an educator. If you see Tim, please congratulate him and wish him safe travels. We're going to miss you Tim!