Friday December 1, 2017


(Mental Toughness / Glycolytic 2-5 min bursts)
Group 5 min warm-up (all together): Jog down and back, 10 air squats, Side shuffle down and back, 5 lateral lunges per leg, skip down and back, 5-10 yoga push-ups, jog down and back, 10 sit-ups


4 Rounds for Time:
500m Row
10 Unbroken Clean and Jerk (choose weight you can go unbroken)
12 Unbroken T2B
14 Unbroken Alt DB Snatches (50/35) (total)
Rest 4 min

For unbroken reps: Chose a weight or a variation of the prescribed skill that you can do without stopping/resting mid set. Take enough time before starting the next unbroken skill.

Post WOD (all together): 2 Rounds of Tabata Coaches Stretch (F7) 30 on 5 rest/switch)
Spiderman L, Spiderman R, Pigeon L, Piegon R, Couch L, Cough R, Figure 4 L, Figure 4 R