Monday February 13, 2017

(Practice / Metabolic Conditioning)
Warm-up: Complete 2 rounds for warm-up: (not for time) (10-12 min)
Row 300m
15 Wall Squats
15 GHD Sit-ups...
15 Tubing Back Flies (blue or neon orange)
15 Tubing Chest Flies (yellow or thicker)


20 Min AMRAP:
400m Run
18 Toes to Bar
18 Push-ups
18 Lunges (9/leg)


Alternating Tabata
Odd: Superman hold (face down)
Even: Hollow hold (face up)

There is NO 5 AM CROSSFIT CLASS TOMORROW (2/13/17). The first class is at 6:30 AM. Before you come in please remove your boots at the door. Drive safe and we hope to see you all tomorrow. THANK YOU!