Thursday April 27, 2017

(Mental Toughness / Glycolytic 2-5 min bursts)
Warm-up: 400m Run (3-4 min)

SOD & WOD Review

WOD Movements Preparation: 5 min
PVC Pass through
Plate TVW
Light DB OHP
BB strict press


Seated DB Press 3 x 5^ THEN 3 x 3^ BB Standing Strict Overhead Press (15-18 min)


AMRAP 300m Hard Run to a 3 pole (75ft.) body weight Box Push for 20 minutes (Running clock)

*Run 300m hard, push box 3 poles and then take a 2 min rest. Get as much work in as you can in 20 min.

*If there is 90 sec to 2 min left on the clock before you start your final round, complete a 200m run and the box push.