Tuesday September 5, 2017

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(Competition / OlyNastics)
Warm-up: 5 min running clock to complete as much as possible of: 200m row, 15 wall squats, 10 tubing back flies


10 min EMOM
Odd min: Rope Climb (1-2 ascents)
Even min: 6 L-seated DB Shoulder Presses


5 Rounds of:
10 Clusters (115/75)
10 T2B

Athletes - on a "Competition" themed day, your goal should be to 1) Push your intensity one or two notches higher than on a "Practice" day, AND/OR 2) Try to do the RX skill or a few of your reps RX, or as close as you can to that skill even if it's going to slow you down. Attention to technique and form are still your focus, but, on these days, go after I a bit more.