Thursday January 4, 2018

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as of now we are planning to have our 5am, 630am and 830am classes. The rest of the day is TBD. Keep in mind - if the storm is much worse than expected in the morning we will post any cancellations here. Please check in or text Brandi for updates 978-204-8588.

Thank you and drive safe out there!

(Practice / Gymnastics Focus)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: Grab a BB before starting: Jog down and back, 10 push-ups, side shuffle down and back, 10 air squats, skip down and back, 10 BB back squats, 30 sec BB hop overs, 10 deadlifts


5x5^ (65-85+%) Back squat AND 3 x 30-60 sec Handstand hold (nose to wall is the goal) (20 min)


15 min AMRAP
10 HSPU (MOD with Pads or 20 sec hold)
10 Goblet Rev Step Alt. Lunges (5/leg) (53/35)
1 Rope Climb


2 min to accomplish as much works as possible:
Max rounds of: 5 Burpees then run out and back (1 pole) 2x, back to 5 Burpees…