Wednesday January 10, 2018


 (Practice / Glycolytic)
SOD/WOD Review: 8 min

Then all start together: "Flight Simulator" – 6 min Cap –
RX: Dubs 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10
– Sets must be unbroken, or start over at 0
– Rest as needed between sets
MOD 1: Don't worry about going fully unbroken on Dubs
MOD 2: 20-40-60-80-100-80-60-40-20 Singles OR Use 6 min to work on Dubs


With a 15 min Running Clock:
4-6 sets: Build to a heavy set of 5 Deadlifts
4-6 sets: 10-15 tubing Back Flies


Every 6 min for 3 Sets (18 min continuous clock)
20 Cal Bike or 30 Cal Row
50 Russian KBS (53/35)
*Cap of 5 min each set.
Score is your slowest round.
Set a goal to complete KBS in as few sets as possible. Modify KBS reps if needed. 90sec-2min rest which will only allow for partial recovery.