Monday, October 8, 2018

(Practice / Lactate Threshold)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: Bike/Row 60 sec, 30 sec PVC pass thru, 30 sec PVC OH wall squats, 5 TVWQB, 5 BB or PVC high hip muscle snatch, 5 hang power snatch, 5 power snatch, 5 squat snatch


3 working sets: (@ 15-18 min)
Bike 2:00 @200/125watts into (Row if needed at easy pace)
5 Squat snatches ( with 5-10 sec pause between each rep
THEN: Rest 3 min between each set
*Begin @65% and build if possible (few failed reps as possible)

If unable to maintain prescribed watts, find a number that’s VERY maintainable for 2 min. The pace should not be a challenging one.


For Time:
BB Sumo deadlift high pull (75/55)
BB Push press

Push Press video
Push Jerk video
Key difference is the receiving position – legs don't re-bend for PP and re-bend for the PJ.