Thursday April 26, 2018

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(Practice / Gymnastics Focus)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: 40 sec jump rope, 30 sec wall squats, 20 sec leg swings / leg, 20 sec handstand hold, 20 sec hanging shrugs, 20 sec push-ups


3x of each: (16 min)
5^ Goblet Reverse Stepping Lunges/leg (KB or DB)
15^ Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts (2 DB/ athletes choice)
100-Foot Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Carry – 50-foot each arm


1x for max reps and load: (14 min)
2 minutes of push-ups (Mod = build up the floor under chest)
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of dubs (Mod high singles or mix of dubs and singles)
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes to body weight back squat
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of max pull-ups
(Score = total reps for all rep movements (except squats) and total weight moved in the squat (wt x reps))


1x max effort attempt of each exercise:
DB Strict Overhead Press (1 DB/ arm) (wt = athlete's choice)
DB max distance Famer's Carry (80-100/ 50-75)