Tuesday May 1, 2018

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(Practice / Lactate Threshold)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: 30 sec reg row, 30 sec straight legged row, 30 sec PVC pass thru, 30 sec PVC good mornings, 20 sec TVW, 15 sec hanging shrugs, 15 sec mini kipping, 20 sec push-ups


4 sets of 3 Back Squats with a 2 sec. pause, 1 1/4 squat and 1 regular tempo Back Squat (70-75%)


13 minute AMRAP
7 T2B
6 Burpees (not over bar)
5 Deadlifts (275/185)

Your goal is to go at a pace where you can string all the movements together and develop / train the capacity to hold onto the bar for all 7 T2B and go touch and go on the deads. You might be able to get more rounds with singles on the deads and breaking up the T2B needing less rest, but, you will not get as fit as fast if you always use strategy to move faster. To get more fit and faster in the long run, you have to develop a greater capacity to do more work. The idea behind “Practice” days is to not race to get as much work done, but to practice the skills whether that’s the movements, or by improving your capacity to hold on longer. Save the strategy and the race mentality for the “Competition” themed days.