Monday April 9, 2018

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(Competition / Gymnastics Focus)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: Jog down and back, 15 air squats, jog down and back, 10 sit-ups, skip down and back, 10 push-ups, side shuffle down and back, 10 superman pulse-ups, jog down and back 10 hanging shrugs


In 12 minutes:
3 x 30-60 sec wall supported handstand hold (OR 1 max effort hold: cap of 5 min)
3 x 30 sec GHD Samson hold (face down)
3 x 5 High ring swings: Long body swings with a ring pull to belly button/hips
(Modify as needed)


Partner “Cindy” 22 Min AMRAP:
*1 person performs a round / 1 person rests
5 Pull-ups (Rx+ = C2B)
10 Push-ups (Rx+ = Hand release)
15 Air Squats (Butt ball optional)

The intention of this being a partner WOD is for you to push harder through each round knowing you have some rest coming. Use your first 2 rounds to find a pace you can maintain for the 22 minutes (11 rounds) all while pushing hard and at the same time keeping the movements clean. Communicate well with your partner as you come close to finishing the air squats.