Tuesday May 22, 2018

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(Competition / Phosphogenic 1-10 sec bursts)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: 60 sec row, 30 sec PVC pass thru, 20 sec TVWQ, 30 sec wall squats, 20 sec hanging shrugs, 20 sec handstand hold with a shrug, 5 BB or PVC high hip power snatch, 5 hang power snatch, 5 OHS


EMOM 15 min
3 Pole ¾ body weight box SPRINT (share or triple up on a box)
1 Rope Climb (RX+ = legless)
3-8 HSPU (RX+ = Strict / RX++ Strict and Deficit 45/25)

*Each one of these should take about 10-15 sec at most to complete, so choose the challenge so you can have very high intensity but with very short duration.


Ascending Snatch into ascending Clean ladder on the 90 sec for 12 rounds (18 min)

Begin at 50% of snatch 1RM and build each round. Once no longer to complete the snatch, move to the clean.

Begin with snatch at 50% of 1RM (power or squat), adding weight each round, and once you are not able to snatch the weight in that a 90 sec round, move to cleans (squat or power). If you are not able to make a clean lift in the 90 sec, reduce the weight and continue with that weight for the remainder of the WOD.