Thursday, August 30, 2018

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(Mental Toughness / Glycolytic 2-5 min bursts)
WOD Review: 8 min

Then group warm up all together: 3 rounds of: 100m row, 5 BB power snatches, & 3 of each TVWQB


Five 2-minute rounds of:
10 Hang power snatches (95/65) (50+ 65/45)
200/175m row
Max-rep hang power snatches in remaining time.

*This should be a hard and fast 2 min... unbroken on both sets of snatches is the goal
*If you are not getting back to the BB, reduce the distance on the row
*Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Post WOD: 2-3 rounds not for time

30 sec Side plank/side
5-10 Hanging strict straight legged raises
15-20 sec GHD Sorensen hold