Monday, January 21, 2019

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(Lactate Threshold)
WOD Review:

Warm up all together: 60 sec row, 30 sec wall squats, 30 sec downward facing dog, 15 sec/leg Spiderman hold, 30 sec BB front rack stretch, then: 2x: 5 BB front squats, 5 BB hang power cleans, 5 BB squat cleans


In 18 min complete at least 4 sets of:
3^ Squat cleans (do not have to be touch and go)
8-10 Ab-wheel roll-outs

Fitness SOD option:

12 min AMRAP
8 MB Squats cleans
200m Jog
5 Ab-wheel roll-outs


6 rounds for time: (16 min cap)
15/12 cal Row
10 Back squats (taken from floor) (135/95) (50+ 95/65)

Be sure to adjust your calories and weight on the bar to ensure you are able to stay around 2 min per round. If you are unable to take the BB from the round use a squat rack.