Monday, April 22, 2019

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WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec row, 30 sec PVC pass thru, 30 sec good mornings, 20 sec/arm chicken stretch, 20 sec BB front rack stretch, 20 sec BB front squats, then 2x: 2 high hip (HH) power clean & jerk (c&j), 3 HH squat cl & j, 3 hang pc & j, 3 hang squat cl & j, 3 squat cl and j


In 20 min, build to a heavy clean and jerk
Fitness Option: 15 min AMRAP
10 WB
10 Abmat sit-ups
10 cal Row


For time: Partner Double Grace: 60 C&J (135/95) (50+ 95/65) (Fitness: DB’s)
Minimum 3 reps and Maximum 5 reps per turn AND touch and go reps only

*If there needs to be a team of 3, two athletes will work at the same time, and resting team member starts when 2nd athlete finishes their reps.

Gymnastics (6:30)

Skill Focus:

5 sets of 2 strict pull-ups, 2 strict knees to elbows, 2 strict toes to bar

Scaling options: 5 Strict banded pull-ups, 5 strict knees to chest

WOD (with a partner) (you go I go format)

120 AKBS (53/35)

EMOM 5 burpees (each)