Wednesday, July 17, 2019



WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec bike, 10 leg swings/leg, 10 PVC pass thru, 5 TVWQB, 5 push-up to down dog, 10 PVC good mornings, 5 box jumps/step-ups, then 5 of each: BB high hip clean and jerk, BB hang c&j, c & j

WOD prep

8 min to build to your heavy BB weight

Partner WOD

5 rounds each for time: (You go, I go)

15/12 cal Bike

12 Toes to bar

3 Heavy singles of Snatches or Cleans (85% plus of 1RM)

*Those looking to keep BB lighter, do 6 medium weight reps or 9 lighter weight reps.