Friday August 9, 2019


(Glycolytic 2-5 min bursts)

WOD Review then warm up all together: 60 sec row, 10 leg swings/leg, :20 PVC/BB prayer stretch, 5 kang squats, :30 softball trap mash 5 BB high hip clean, 5 BB hang clean, 5 BB cleans


Every 30 Seconds for 10 min, complete 1 Power Clean (ascend as you see fit)

Work by feel today and use loads that are sustainable – make every rep look and feel great – no misses.


5 Rounds for max reps

1 Minute Abmat sit-ups

1 Minute Air squats

1 Minute Bike

2 Minutes Rest

There will be NO Gymnastics tomorrow. Just open gym from 6:30-7:30