All About Our 1/2 Marathon Program

The 12 week Wicked 1/2 Marathon Training Program will provide participants with a weekly coached track workout, strength workout, group long run, a comprehensive training manual, and incredible group camaraderie. Training sessions will focus on running technique through drills, bio-mechanics, plyometric drills and agility. This program is a progressive training program designed for beginner to intermediate level runners, non-runners in need of structure, motivation and a goal.

Our goal is to prepare you for our Wicked Half Marathon however anyone is welcome to participate in this 1/2 marathon training preparation program!

Mandatory Kick-Off Q&A Meeting: June 22nd @ 8am at CFIS Salem

Aerobic Capacity Training Sessions:

Salem: Thursdays 6am @ Salem Common, Salem, MA

Marblehead: Tuesday’s 6am from Crossfit IronSpider, 32 Tioga Way or Thursday’s 5:30am from Devereaux Beach

Strength Sessions:

Any class on the Salem and Marblehead Schedule

Group Long Run:

Sunday’s 8:30am - location TBD by group


$199 for non-members

$20 to existing members